• Believe in your GoalsGoals are set by ourselves, for ourselves. Follow them with diligence, and you will never stray from a path that will eventually give you success.
  • Commitment is Virtue Beyond All ElseIf you don’t have the heart to completely immerse yourself into a task, don’t expect success. Grit your teeth, dig in hard and give it everything you have – results may vary, but satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Make Things HappenThe easiest way to make a goal meaningful is to use ordered lists and a high priority one bar. Make your priority 1 list as small as possible: set a high bar. The smaller your list of must do's, the easier they are to achieve. You will face waves of conflicting emotions as you decide what is truly important, but once you settle on priorities the hard decisions will be behind you.
  • The Power of ‘You’Remember that ‘You’ are the most important aspect of your success. Without your own power of self motivation, you cannot achieve anything. You are your biggest inspiration and your determination is your biggest asset.
  • Failure is GoodNo achievement in human history was a one shot deal – everything had a slow start and a gradual or sudden success. In between, it was the trials, errors, and failures that led to victory.
  • Success is RelativeNever get de-motivated if your results aren’t equal to or better than others’. Remember, all that matters is whether you are happy with your achievements. There is always a second try, but never lose faith.
Believe in your Goals1 Commitment is Virtue Beyond All Else2 Make Things Happen3 The Power of ‘You’4 Failure is Good5 Success is Relative6
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Assalamu'alaykum ukhty/akhi fillah..
Berjumpa kembali di dunia maya dengan web yang berkutat tentang materi kefarmasian... Tak kenal maka tak liatin identitas diri admin web ini bisa dilihat di bawah...cekedot :)


Name            : Indri Kusuma Dewi
Sex              : Female
Place/Date of Birth      : Karanganyar/December 22, 1984
Religion         : Moslem
Marital Status : Married
Address             : Kranggan RT 03 RW 01 Buran, Tasikmadu, Karanganyar, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57761 Phone : (0271) 494326 / 081806772644

20xx      : insyaAlloh mengambil beasiswa S3,amin:) (mhn do'anya)
2008 – 2009    : Gadjah Mada of University, Yogyakarta Master Of Science in Pharmacy
2008 – 2009    : Gadjah Mada of University, Yogyakarta Apothecary
2003 – 2008    : Gadjah Mada of University, Yogyakarta Majoring : S1, Pharmacy Sains&industry.
2000 – 2003    : Senior High School at SMU N I Karanganyar
1997 – 2000    : Junior High School at SMPN I Karanganyar
1991- 1997    : Elementary School at SDN Buran I


  • Lecturer @ Poltekkes Health of Ministry (Kementerian Kesehatan RI) Solo 2013
  • Lecturer @ Faculty of Medical UNISSULA (Islam Sultan Agung University) Semarang 2010-now
  • Lecturer @ Faculty of Pharmacy UNWAHAS (Wahid Hasyim University) Semarang 2010
  • Apothecary @ Apotek Nusantara, Semarang 2010-now
  • Assistance of laboratory in Practice Pharmacokinetics UGM   February 2006 – July 2007, February 2007 & July 2008
  • Assistance of laboratory in Practice Technology and Formulation of Sterile Dosage UGM September 2007- February 2008  
  • Apothecary Training Program at Apotek Depok , Sleman, Yogyakarta    Agustus 2008
  • Apothecary Training Program at PT. Combiphar, Padalarang, Bandung     Oktober  - November 2008  
  • Teacher for private mathematics course at BSA (Bulak Sumur Association), Yogyakarta 


  • KASKAGAMA (Keluarga Mahasiswa Karanganyar UGM) -->The Secretary of KASKAGAMA (2004-2005)
  • KMMF (Keluarga Mahasiswa Muslim Farmasi) of Gadjah Mada University --> members (2003-2005)
  • ISMAFARSI (Ikatan Senat Mahasiswa Farmasi Indonesia) of Gadjah Mada University-->  Members (2003-2005)
  • Book Club GAMA PRESS -->  Members (2003-2005)
  • Poliklinik AT-Taqwa, Minomartani, Sleman, Yogyakarta --> (2005-2006)


  •     TESIS (2009)  : Strategi Penguatan Loyalitas Customer pada Instalasi Farmasi Rumah Sakit PKU Muhammadiyah Karanganyar

            GRADE : A

  •     SKRIPSI  February 2007 - August 2007  Mucolitic Activity of Extract eEtanolic The Rhizome Temu Kunci {Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.)Schlechter} in Mucus Intestinal Mamalia with In Vitro 

            GRADE : A


Inspiring WORD  :
- berusaha semaksimal dari hati, lisan dan tindakan
- menjadi pribadi yang bermanfaat untuk semua orang
- semangat, yakin, optimis, ikhtiar, do'a, penuh kesederhanaan :)
- terinspirasi dg profil orang2 sukses

- Kehidupan yang BESAR selalu dimulai dengan IMPIAN BESAR

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